Gather ’round

Hello, all.

It’s time to gather ’round.

Last week’s theme for Approach the Light‘s Project: Draw with Light was Gatherings. I’m a couple weeks behind, but I am happy to say it’s because I’ve been focused on just that: gathering around people who make me glad and giddy.

And it’s been grand. Last weekend we hopped the rocks at Rock Island State Park until we finally made it to the swimming hole–and look what we found: This was happening on a rock, here:

see there, beneath the tennis shoes? magic is happening!

That suave curly-haired fellow is also known as the “River Messiah,” not least because he lugged a grill to this rustic location and made fresh chicken tacos! See the messiah at work:

Thank you, Matt T, for excellent tacos! Cheers to all you lovely friends in attendance; I adore our good times. This has surely been the coolest gathering I’ve made it to recently!

…And Hippie Jack’s was not too long ago–I sure do love all the music and camping and creek-ing and sandwiches and “banquets” and dancing (especially with those two cats below).

Rallies around food are most certainly my favorite gatherings. This brunch comes to mind. And this Autumn pumpkin party. Oh and these were served at this wine-tasting ‘Pinot’ party:

This post is getting rather long…but Gatherings! I love them! They look like this:

and this,this,

Sunset cocktail hour.

and this:

I’m lucky for so many sunny times and darling friends. Gather with yours and make a delicious summer!


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