Time for Hippie Jack’s!

The festival in May was great, but the Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s fall festival is my favorite–the air’s a bit cooler, the crowd’s a bit smaller, and the music lineup is even more excellent! If you’re a laidback person who loves hearing music in the open air, and if you’re in Middle Tennessee this weekend, you should absolutely check out the festival’s website for more info: http://www.myhippiejack.com/ . I’m so ready for a weekend of listening, lounging, sipping, and dancing—and of course, eating. I haven’t done a ton of camping or camp cooking, but I prefer to keep things uncomplicated when it comes to food prep while camping. I’d rather be on a blanket listening to the sounds of a banjo.

This time we’re definitely going for ease. We’ve got fresh fruit, bread and peanut butter, a few blocks of cheese, some ramen I hope we’ll actually cook, and a pack of hot dogs (of course!)…

On the homemade end, I’m taking some great Chipotle Hummus I came up with this morning. Here’s the recipe (without measures—everything is “to taste”)! 🙂 Make it delicious!

Spicy Chipotle Hummus

2 cans of chickpeas
olive oil
lemon juice
garlic powder
2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce + a bit of the adobo sauce

Whip it all up in a food processor, adding as much olive oil as you need to get a good hummus consistency.

I’m also taking along some tasty Brown Sugar Cookies. Find the recipe here on Joy the Baker’s blog. Hers calls for dark brown sugar, which I can only imagine gives a richer caramel flavor–I used light brown sugar, and they came out so tasty–the perfect soft and not-too-sweet cookie to enjoy with tea or coffee. They remind me of snickerdoodles a bit. I added pieces of candied ginger to half of the dough as an experiment, and I wish I had ‘gingerfied’ the whole batch! The cookies are great without it, but the candied ginger gives them a bit more spice and kick with those delightful chewy ginger morsels.

…I had candied ginger because Matt has been making ginger syrup for a wonderful homemade ginger soda, and sugary ginger pieces are a by-product of that process. So he’s been candying them, and they’re so yummy, and I promise I will blog about that ginger syrup and soda after Hippie Jack’s!

The rest of that candied ginger is going in our trail mix!!

I’m off to the Stoddart farm for a perfect Tennessee hoedown weekend! Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Sorry, no time for photos today!

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