Me (and the blog title), explained

“Before you search for the direction of your life, love life. If you love life, you become Alive.” –Fyodor Dostoevsky

I’m Allison. I’m a spirited home cook in Cookeville, Tennessee. I spend a large chunk of my days in the kitchen at the whims of my growling stomach and eager taste buds–cooking for myself, my family, and my friends. In this blog I share my cooking experiences and delight in words. I’d love for you to try my recipes, but really I just want to give you ideas, make you excited for food, and get you in the kitchen

The title, “Il faut goûter”, is a French phrase (pronounced “eel foe gootay” in layman’s phonetics 🙂 ) which means “You must taste” or “It’s necessary to taste.”  As a student of the French language in France in 2007, I attended a cooking class at a restaurant in Bordeaux with a local chef.  We assisted him, though mostly observed, as he whipped up a delicate meal, but what struck me the most, and what I wrote in large swirly letters in my notebook that night, was his phrase uttered in exasperation, “Il faut goûter!”  This was most likely his reply when someone asked how much of this or that to add to a dish.  But this is the essence of cooking, for beginners and masters alike.  All the while you are cooking, you must be tasting if you want to train your palate. 

Aside from that, the phrase is a general remark on food, and life, experiences.  There is a multitude of flavors existing in the world that I want to taste…my hungry heart is often awakened…I NEED to taste.

I also enjoy photography, and all photos posted in this blog were taken by moi.
Except that one of me, which was taken by Noelle.

I was in the kitchen at an early age,

sitting high atop the counter

barefoot, frying

yellow crookneck squash,

which I never even liked much,

but I loved the sizzle and

to flip them over, golden-brown.

Today, anything and every.

It’s not just that I want to cook or

like to cook, or even that I need to.

I cook.

I gravitate toward the kitchen.

I need to taste, then I need to make.

Or vice versa.

5 thoughts on “Me (and the blog title), explained

  1. Vraiment, il faut goûter! I love your approach to tasting life through all of the senses. I know I’m going to enjoy watching as you go along. Bon appetit et bonne chance! (Now I’ve pretty well used up my elementary French, but I mean it all sincerely.)

  2. Hello
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my little blog. I just thought I would let you know that my blog has moved and is now Unfortunately, if you want to remain subscribed to my blog, you will have re-subscribe to this new address. I realise this is a little bit of a nuisance but I would really appreciate your continuing support and interest in my blog

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