Punkin Night–One Superb Seasonal Potluck!

The same awesome people I wrote about in this post got together this weekend for a perfect party plentiful with pumpkin. That’s right, we know how to celebrate this spooky spicy season…

–We ate pumpkin…

pies by Jason, dip by Mollie

…pie of course! But so much more. That’s a sweet pumpkin dip in that cute little punkin, served with tart apples and cinnamon grahams!

And sweet pumpkin wontons by me–recipe coming soon!

soup by Bethany

A thyme-infused Pumpkin Soup!

muffins by Megan

…and these Pumpkin Muffins were fantastic! (When I acquire the recipe, I’ll share.)

My Pumpkin Peanut Curry was a hit! Go on, make it–recipe here!

And these little guys are Pumpkin Donut Holes in costume.
…I later found out that some had Jack o’ Lantern faces!

Pumpkin Donut Holes by Trey

We also drank pumpkin…

in the form of hot spiked cider served right out of a giant pumpkin!

cider by Jason

And those festive cups are full of Matt’s “Jack o’ Lantern Milk,” a delectable concoction of chai milk tea, pumpkin liqueur, and spiced rum (you know that’s good)!!

And after all that eating and drinking and pumpkin-spiced deliciousness…

..these punkins…

…became a striking porch display of personalities!

So this little soirée was obviously awesome…I suggest you gather your people and have your own! Find some pumpkin recipes. Drink something spiced with cinnamon. Carve some funky pumpkins by a fire.

‘Tis the scary season…

But Clyde's not too scary. And his name's not really Clyde.

Happy Happy Halloween times!

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