a Summer of Food amid Frolics

Hey, here I am.Image

There’s a lot of summer going on between that bun!  (That special sauce can be found here.) 

And so it goes: summer’s flowing humidly by, and there’s just been too much to do and see and eat to spend too much time in front of this laptop.  [Real jobs and the after-work laze may also play a role here.]


There were a few travels. Ann Arbor, MI–you are lucky to have Zingerman’s Deli.  That place is a wonderland for all the epicures among us.  I could cry just standing in front of their cheese counter (why oh why did I not take a photo of all those ripe French cheeses?!?).  They also serve delectable sandwiches on myriad house-baked breads:Image


And Toronto, you’re awesome in so many ways–one of them being your abundance of all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants.  Now that’s a great idea!



And now, how about those London Olympic Games?!  I’ve pretty much been a champion couch potato ever since the opening ceremonies, which were celebrated with a Fish and Chips dinner (complete with malt vinegar and mushy peas!), all in British style:Image

…and thanks to Cale for serving up Guinness Floats [coffee ice cream + Guinness].  (We decided to go ahead and cheers all the British Isles.)  Luscious!Image


So, that’s what’s been going on around here–lots of indulging.  Hope you are too, because that summer sun and all those veggies won’t be with us long!

Got some fresh peppers?  Stuff ’em!